Charles Barkley and Michael Wilborn weigh in on the use of the N-word in sports [video]


In 2013, use of the word N***er or N***A and who is allowed to say the word has been an ongoing topic. While some in the black community have taken the word and turned into a term of endearment, for others the word is still a huge NO. The past few decades with the explosion of rap music and the inner workings of “black culture” at the forefront of “pop culture,” there has been a rise in a number of incidents involving non-blacks caught saying the word and others questioning why black people are allowed to use it while others can’t.

This year race relations have been viewed through the prisms of; the George Zimmerman verdict, An influx of slave flicks (Django, 12 Years A Slave) Films about race relations (Fruitvale Station, The Butler), Barneys racial profiling arrests, Paula Deen and the lawsuit, The NFL with the Riley Cooper incident, Dolphins teammates reportedly allowing Richie Incognito to use the word as an honorary black man and more.

Clippers forward Matt Barnes sent out a tweet this week that contained the n-word and was fined for that  – among other things. Which has brought the whole debate front and center again. “Pardon the Interuption’s” Michael Wilborn spoke about the topic on his show Thursday, admitting that he says it everyday but doesn’t understand “white people policing the use of it” Start at the 2:45 mark.

Charles Barkley spoke on the topic on “Inside the TNT” as well. He shared a similar sentiment as Wilborn.

Private conversations are just that, private. They aren’t meant to be dissected outside of the context. I am still baffled that there is such confusion over why it’s not appropriate for someone other than a black person to use that word OR why there’s a push to say it from those outside of the black community.