Chantel Christie Admits To Exaggerating Situation With Orlando Scandrick To Be Featured On “Basketball Wives LA”


The thirst to be featured on a reality show is REAL. A lot of what makes its way to your TV screen is a reenactment of an actual situation that happened. That means the drama can be punched up or something minor can be blown up to be much bigger thus creating the drama that fans crave. It also keeps the reality stars relevant.

This season on the sagging “Basketball Wives LA,” one of the featured storylines involved Jackie Christe’s daughter Chantel and a potential love triangle involving Draya and her boyfriend, Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick. Chani recently admitted that she punched up the drama to get a storyline on the show.


“I addressed it as being something minor. Granted, everybody goes, ‘If it was minor, why did you bring it up?’ At the end of the day, why do you guys watch reality TV for? This is entertainment; everybody just calm down and relax. At the end of the day, this is what it was, and it should have never got to this point. It blew up into something way bigger than what it should’ve been, but when you come for me, and I’m called names, and I’m this, and I’m a ho, I gotta send for you. So yes, it’s going to turn into something ugly, but this could’ve easily been prevented.”

“I don’t know. I mean, when you’ve been trying to get something for so long, and you finally get it, you’re not willing to easily give it up. And honestly, it’s not for me to judge or pick apart. Every woman is different, and if that’s what she’s willing to put up with, or not put up with or whatever, that’s all her. It was no foul, no harm over here on my side. You know, it turned into something ugly, and it is what it is.”


I wonder if Draya  feels vindicated now.