Chad “OchoCinco” Johnsons spends Valentine’s Day in Spain with a new boo [photos]


Chad Johnsons and Evelyn Lozada seem to be officially over. While whispers surfaced late last year that the two were working on a reconcilation-  and they were, but a couple of things derailed that – it seems as if the door is shut and at least one half of that duo has moved on. Chad was spotted out in Madrid, Spain with a rumored new boo, Chef Lauren Popeil. Check the deets:

the two spent the week catching soccer matches, including a match between the Real Madrid and Manchester United on Valentine’s Day. Lauren, who also owns her own company Popeil Cuisine, couldn’t give a damn about Chad’s ex Evelyn as she documented most of the trip with photos and tweets posted to her timeline throughout the duration of the trip.  

Chad has been telling his followers on Twitter that hes’s dating them all, even offering to send them nude flicks for Valentine’s Day. We know he loves the ladies, I fully expect to see a return to the dating carousel for him.