Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has an open conversation on ESPN’s “First Take” [video]

Chad Johnson appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” Wednesday morning for a candid discussion on everything that has happened in the unemployed wide receiver’s life the past few months. The discussion was candid, at points uncomfortable but applaud his willingness to subject himself to that type of scrutiny. The first question was, “what happened with Evelyn?”

During the 55-minute “debate,” Chad indicated that he lived his life publicly and had no longer continuing to do so but it was clear that he went into this wanting to control the tone. He admitted absolute fault in his situation with Evelyn but declined to go into specifics. He said that his decision to cheat set up everything that followed which is why God humbled him and he lost everything.


Chad also touched on the tragedy that took place over the weekend involving Chiefs Jevon Belcher and the murder-suicide of his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins.

Chad wasn’t interested in discussing what went wrong in New England and Miami, although he indicated that Miami was more about TV than his skills, but insisted that he is still able to play the game. Not at the level of his 20’s but that he can still contribute to a team.

Skip brought up the point that if the Dolphins valued his skill set, they would’ve kept him, even under the circumstances, but that his downside outweighed what he was able to do on-field. I tend to agree with Skip on that. If the team felt Chad could significantly help them, they would’ve found a way to work through.

Lastly, Stephen A. Smith spoke at length following Chad’s appearance about the fact that in SOME cases, the women these athletes get involved with prior to SOME of these situations might be instigating the events but we (society, the media) aren’t allowed to ask those questions or bring it up.


Stephen A. raised a similar point last summer when news of this incident first broke. I agreed with him then and I do now. Let me be clear, this isn’t victim blaming but I do believe that it behooves us to educate women on keeping their hands to themselves and acting accordingly as well.

As a final note, Chad said he purposely signed the wrong name on his divorce documents so he is technically still married. He clearly wants Evelyn back and I think they’re at least attempting to work their way past all of this. Will it actually happen, who knows but maybe this time they’ll opt to keep those details private.

videos via ESPN