Chad Ochocinco & Evelyn Lozada Pose for Urban Ink [Photos & Video]

Chad Ochocinco will be participating in his first playoff game as a Patriot on Saturday when the team faces off against the Denver Broncos. He and his fiance, Basketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada were featured in a hot photo shoot for Urban Ink

The two have been discussed in the blogs recently amid rumors Evelyn had called off the wedding because Chad was cheating. But Evelyn says the wedding is still on for July. She plans to invite 150 guests and it will take place in Miami, naturally.

Evelyn appeared on Power 106 on Thursday and revealed that Ochocinco’s proposal wasn’t uber romantic. But the flawless 10 carats and choose your own ring made up for all of that.

People are always like, ‘Well did he get on his knee?’ and I was like I’m not going to lie It wasn’t that damn romantic. The [ring] guy came, we picked it out, he had his little earphones on then he started playing Call of Duty. And that’s what happened. I promise to God he did. That was it! He was like, ‘You like that? Okay, cool!’ He put on his headset and started shooting people up on the damn game.

He wanted to make sure I said yes. [The ring is] 10 carats. Flawless. I don’t know what the bill looked like.

I like the shoot.