Chad Johnson’s jumpoff leaks more texts & alleged “naughty bits” photos [photos]

A woman scorned is nothing nice. I frequently say that if you’re going to take certain “risks” try to do it with someone that has as much to lose as you do. It may not always work, See CIA Director David H. Petraeus but it’s a rule that generally works. Today’s example involves Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson… again.

If you recall I highlighted a Twitter fight that his jump off Jessica had with Evelyn. I guess that wasn’t enough for her and she felt the need to go harder and produce more text messages, photos and ::gasp:: what is alleged to be Chad’s “Johnson.” Obviously this link is not for those with tender eyes or those currently perusing this post from work.


Now Ev and I guess the rest of his conquests would know for sure. Can someone verify that Chad is a fan of waxing? At least he was smart enough to keep his face out of the photo. Remember the Key word here is ALLEGED. If you know, feel free to share. There’s also a video Chad allegedly made just for Jessica that you can check out over at BSO

Ev, this is why you don’t give light to these chicks. They just want their 15 minutes of fame…


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