Chad Johnson says he’s in the best shape of his life, just needs a chance to prove it [video]


Chad Johnson has been trying to make his way back into the NFL for about 9 months. On Friday he appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” were he was once again grilled about his latest run in with law enforcement and asked to share his thoughts on if he’d ever make a return to the gridiron.


On what happened with his probation officer:

I’m going to be OK. I’m OK now, but I put myself in this situation and I have to deal with everything. With life, I’m at peace with everything. I would love to finish my career off the right way. If it happens, I’m not sure. But I would like to.

On playing in the NFL again:

I’m in a position where I have to prove myself again that I can still play. Can I still do it? I’m at the bottom again, like having to prove myself when I first came in [to the NFL] and I was hungry. I got complacent at some point in my career. I thought I had it right. I thought I had made it and figured it all out. I lost the game that I loved and played for years.

The former Ocho Cinco also said he’s in the best shape of his career right now. Chad also said he wouldn’t be making a return to reality TV. We’ll see how long he maintains that position if he’s not picked up by a team.