Chad Johnson pleads “no contest” to misdemeanor domestic battery

Chad Johnson has reached a plea agreement on the misdeamonor charges relating to the domestic violence incident between he and his now ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada. Johnson plead “No contest” and was sentenced to probation and required to attend anger management classes.

Evelyn Lozada reportedly didn’t wish to pursue charges against Chad.

“She did not wish to proceed with the prosecution and certainly did not wish that Mr. Johnson be incarcerated as a result of this incident,” the prosecutor said.

There is to be NO CONTACT with Lozada and in case Chad wasn’t sure the extent of that ruling, the judge made it abundantly clear what that was to entail.

the judge told Johnson that meant not just not seeing her but, “No e-mail, no Twitter, no text.” Johnson has said he wants to reconcile with Lozada, but he promised the judge today that he won’t be in touch with her at all, and the prosecutor made clear that that’s what Lozada wants.

So, the marriage, divorce, reality show and court case are all officially a wrap just a little over 8 weeks after the couple said their “I do’s.”

Check the video via TMZ