Chad Johnson asking judge for reduction in child support payments


I guess all those dinners, lunches at David’s cafe and endless supply on his and her’s Louboutins is starting to make a dent in Chad  Johnson’s wallet. Per TMZ, Chad has asked for a reduction in child support for one of his kid’s mothers. Currently Johnson is paying her $5,420 a month (over $65k a year.) Chad has no team and at the moment it’s not looking good for a new team stepping up anytime soon.

Chad agreed to that number in March of 2012 when according to court documents, he was making $60K a month.

Currently there’s a bench warrant issued for Chad in Miami for allegedly failing to complete some portion of his domestic violence class. Chad doesn’t seem to worried though. He’s still in LA as of Sunday. As a matter of fact he hung out at The Drew League over the weekend.


Chad was arrested Monday morning in Miami for his violation. Bail is expected to be set shortly.