Celtics’ Jae Crowder’s Instagram Hacked To Out His Side Chick

Another day, another athlete beef going down on Instagram. In today’s example Boston Celtics big man Jae Crowder’s Instagram was hacked.

By the photo and message that was posted, it’s a pretty safe guess to assume his girlfriend – maybe ex-girlfriend judging from the post – Dana Lambert had something to do with the hack according to Complex.



Jae and Dana have a daughter named Jada.

Dana recently deleted all of Jae’s photos from her Instagram account. Dana has a twin sister named Dona who is engaged to Milwaukee Bucks guard OJ Mayo.


Here’s another photo of Erica Phillips aka Lil Tokyo



Back in the day, Dana used to date Derrick Rose and Dona used to date Michael Jordan’s son Marcus.


Of course Jae’s entire Instagram account has since been deleted.


spotted at BroBible

photos via Instagram