Carmelo Anthony On The Lockout, Fashion & His New Left-Handed Shot [Video]

Carmelo Anthony recently sat down with GQ to discuss the lockout (of course), reality shows and fashion. Check out a few excerpts:

On his favorite fashion brands and who the best dressed NBA player is:

GQ: Who are some of the brands that you’re into?
Carmelo Anthony: Simon Spurr is dope. Thom Browne is dope. I’m also real into Rag & Bone right now.

GQ: The NBA has been killing it on the style front, who do you think is the most well-dressed? 
Carmelo Anthony: Besides me?

GQ: Yeah, besides you. We don’t throw alley-oops here at GQ!
Carmelo Anthony: I think everybody has their own unique style. LeBron got his own style—Amar’e, D-Wade, Kobe.

No surprises there. All the same names we usually see when we make the connection between fashion and the NBA.

The age old question, What would you have done if you were LeBron:

GQ: What would you have done differently if you were in LeBron’s shoes. 
Carmelo Anthony: I would have just signed.

GQ: No announcement?
Carmelo Anthony: Yeah, I would have just signed.

The Lockout:

GQ: What’s the solution in your eyes?
Carmelo Anthony: Well I think at the end of the day they want a competitive balance across the board. I personally don’t see any way you can have a competitive balance if you don’t spend money. At the end of the day it’s all about money. It’s kind of taking the fun out of the game because we just want to play basketball.

To check out more, head over to GQ

And, if you’re curious as to some of the things Melo works on in his daily workouts now that we’re into Day 103 of the NBA Lockout, check out this video he posted to his Twitter account of the shot he’s developed with his left hand


Photos via GQ, Video Via Carmelo Anthony