Carmelo Anthony for V Man [photos]

V Magazine consistently kills fashion shoots. Their latest with Rihanna and Cassie are everything! But let’s focus on the men side of things. Carmelo Anthony recently shot with famed photographer Terry Richardson for V Man and the accompanying interview discussed fashion and Melo’s future goals. A clothing line, a collaboration and then there’s his interest in art… Check out a few excerpts from the interview:

MARCUS WAINWRIGHT So, Melo, you grew up in Brooklyn. Did you like fashion when you were younger?

CARMELO ANTHONY Absolutely, absolutely. even when I didn’t even have anything, i still loved fashion, I loved clothes.

MW what were you wearing in your teens?
CA I only wore polo. When I was in high school, eve thing was polo.
MW As in Ralph Lauren?
CA yeah, everything was Ralph Lauren, everything.
MW And did you wear glasses when you were younger?
CA I didn’t have glasses, but I used to wear whatever sunglasses I could get my hands on.
MW when did you get your first suit?
CA Aw man. I got my first suit when 1 was drafted [by the Denver Nuggets, in 2003].
MW You got your first suit when you went to the NBA draft?
CA That was my first suit.
MW That’s pretty cool. DAVID NEVILLE was it Ralph Lauren as well?
CA No [laughs]. it wasn’t Ralph, it wasn’t Ralph.

MW What shoes were you wearing back then? Jordans?
CA At that time it was Jordans, Nikes.

DN Your wife loves fashion too. Do you advise her on her style? Do you have an interest in what she wears or in women’s fashion?
CA sometimes she asks me how this looks, how that looks, but for the most part I pretty much leave that up to her, ’cause she leaves mine up to me.


The Knicks are currently off to their best start in forever at 4-0.

photos via V Man