Carmelo Anthony & Chris Bosh Appear On Law & Order SVU [Video]

Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh made their debut on Law & Order SVU Wednesday Night. The two played themselves in the episode that also featured Dan Lauria as Coach Ray Masters, former rapper Heavy D and Mechad Brooks as basketball star Prince Miller. This episode titled Personal Fouls, focuses on a youth basketball coach who is suspected of being a sexual predator.

First and foremost, I miss Stabler!!! I think this topic is extremely important. Especially now that AAU teams are so popular, this is something that is happening to boys. I hope the fact that two NBA stars were featured allowed it to reach an audience who may not otherwise have watched.

Sidenote, Chris Bosh said an interview about his appearance on the show, that he had never seen an episode of Law & Order SVU before his appearance. That is MIND Blowing to me. Probably because it is one of my favorites!

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