Cardinals Derek Anderson Post Game Meltdown

Sorry, I didn’t watch Monday Night Football but like I said last week, lately the best part of the NFL has been the off field shenanigans. The post game melt downs have been EPIC.

Next up, Arizona Cardinals QB Derek Anderson. If you haven’t seen the clip on Sports Center, Anderson basically LOST IT when a reporter asked what Derek and another Cardinals player were laughing about on the bench during an 18 point blowout.

While his post conference remarks were hysterical to me, I actually understood where he was coming from. Athletes put their bodies and minds through a great deal for our viewing pleasure. And while he could’ve absolutely handled the question better. Athletes are human, sometimes in a down moment all you can do is laugh to pull yourself through it. I know these guys make millions to “play a game” but think about moments in your own career where it may have appeared you weren’t focused and it was actually the opposite.

Obviously the Cardinals aren’t really in the race for My Golden Stiletto so maybe I’m speaking out of turn giving Derek the benefit of the doubt. If I am, I’m sure you’ll let me know. In the meantime… LMAOOOOOOOOOO