Broke Baller Files: Ex-NBA star Larry Johnson is Bankrupt and Owes A Lot In Child Support

New York Knicks

Another day, another professional athlete filing for bankruptcy. 1991 number one NBA draft pick Larry Johnson filed for bankruptcy in California.

The 46-year old who used to play for the Charlotte Hornets and New York Knicks owes $300,000 in debt. Almost half of that debt, $120,000, is from unpaid child support. Johnson has five children by four different women.



In the infamous 1998 Sports Illustrated piece on dead beat athlete dads, Johnson was featured. The piece detailed how his then girlfriend Lauren Tate was allegedly threatened by one of Johnson’s former college teammates to have an abortion, after she refused several of Larry’s requests.

Johnson earned approximately $40 million during his NBA career.

The name is different but the moral to the story is the same, save some money, and treat your sperm like priceless jewels, keep them under lock and key.

In the meantime, lets reflect back to better times for Johnson, when he was the face of Converse and had a popular commercial campaign as Grandmama.