Brian Banks Life Story To Be Directed by Academy Award Nominee Lee Daniels


Brian Banks life story is being made into a film, with an Academy Award nominated director at the helm. Banks was a high school football star headed to USC in 2002 before serving five-years in jail after being wrongfully convicted of rape.

Bank is thrilled that  his story being brought to the screen:
“All I ever wanted was to prove my innocence,” said Banks. “Telling my story in the form of a feature film is beyond my wildest dreams. Having Lee Daniels come on board to direct the film is so exciting, and such an honor.”
“Lee is a filmmaker who looks at challenging circumstances with honesty, compassion, and hope. He has an emotional connection to Brian’s story that I’m certain will result in a powerful and redemptive film. I’m thrilled to be partnered with him,” added Baer.
Daniels was nominated for an Oscar for his 2009 film “Precious.  He also directed the recent hit, “The Butler,”  which stared Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker. Daniels’ also was a producer on “Monster’s Ball” which garnered actress Halle Berry an Academy Award for best actress.
Banks also has a new role with the NFL, he tweeted last weekend that he has secured a job with the NFL’s front office and will be moving to New York.
Banks will be a manager in the football operations department, and will assist the officiating department on game days.