Braylon Edwards Tweets During An Incident Between His Entourage And Members Of A Bar’s Staff

I really want to root for free agent WR Braylon Edwards. I want to see him sign with a good team, show off his skill set and not be constantly under a microscope for his off field behavior. But he makes it so hard!

In his latest incident of wrong-place-wrong-time, Braylon and his entourage were in a bar near his native Detroit Sunday night. Per reports, Edwards’ friends got into an argument with the employees.  The dispute made its way into the kitchen, and one employee was “sliced with a knife.”  The wound required 14 stitches to close.  Another employee allegedly was attacked with a fork.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking. That’s not his fault that his boys may have handled the altercation poorly. You’re probably right however what happened next is ALL Braylon’s fault:

Edwards reportedly posted the following on Twitter at about the same time the incident was happening:  “Damn. Get ya knuckles ready” and “Don’t fight if You don’t know how.”

**Blank stare** Seriously, what ARE you thinking to send those Tweets after an incident in which someone was cut with a knife? Discretion, common sense… none of those are thoughts that come to mind considering your recent history Braylon??

Even better, those Tweets have of course been deleted and this was his next message:

“Yo…Lost my phone last night someone sent tweets.  Deleted them and changed my password.  Sorry for the mishap hopefully never happens again!” 

Right so “someone” not only got your phone and changed your log in, they had the foresight to tweet smart-a$$ comments about a situation you and your friends were currently engaged in but nothing more? ANNDDDDDD he’s waiting for a team to pick him up.