Braylon Edwards allegedly assaults photographer


NFL free agent Braylon Edwards is being accused of getting physical with a photographer in Detroit. Per TMZ, the photographer shot video  outside of Detroit club of Braylon being aggressive with someone. That’s when things went left.

Edwards allegedly told the photog he needed to look at the video — but when he refused … Braylon flipped him upside down Suge Knight style to the concrete.

The victim refused medical attention because he only had minor injuries … and luckily, he held onto the phone containing the video.

A rep for Braylon tells TMZ … the football player was NEVER physical with the photog — and the guy only filed a report to “take Braylon’s money.”

I wonder what was on the video, or what Braylon thought was on the video. Interesting that both the Pats and Niners are low receivers and Edwards is still at the house.