Boxer Adrien Broner treats $20 bills like toilet paper and flushes them [video]


Boxer Adrien Broner wants you to pay attention to him. Broner is one of those guys that’s in constant motion, always has something going on. His latest stunt? While in Miami, Broner decided to shoot a video with his crew, “Band Camp,” to show you how he does it. Oh AND, to let us know, he’s done with those pesky $20 bills.He decided to illustrate what he does with the inferior bills when he spots them. He flushes them down the toilet:



All $100 in his money clip… or rubber band. Money clips don’t hold enough and plus, “bands make her dance.” Which we saw illustrate in his video at Stadium in DC.

So “Band camp” is his version of “The Money Team?” OK…


Spotted at BSO