Blazers Marcus Camby Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Texas

Mug shot via TMZ

Two-time NBA All-Star and current Portland Trail”blazer” Marcus Campy was arrested in Pearland, Tx for weed possession. Camby was pulled over for an equipment violation- a sun screen device blocking the front window.

The officer smelled marijuana and conducted a searched the vehicle. (Camby gave permission) Police said they discovered what appeared to be several marijuana cigarettes and a baggie with a small amount of the same substance hidden under the front seat.

Camby and his passenger were both charged with possession of less than two ounces of marijuana and released on $2,000 bond. If convicted, Camby faces a year in jail and $4,000 in fines.

Well, at least he knows there won’t be any NBA fines on top of it. Always looking at the bright side. And yes, it’s FUNNY that he plays for the “Blazers”… that’s me doing airquotes as I say, “Blazers”