Big Baller Baby: Lonzo Ball and Girlfriend Denise’s Baby Shower

After ending a successful rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo Ball is headed for another first in life, Dad. Earlier this year, ZO’s longtime girlfriend Denise Garcia announced the couple was expecting a baby.

The next generation of the Big Baller Brand will begin with a feminine touch, a baby girl is due July 12. A baby shower fit for the first Princess of triple B was held over the weekend. Zo and Denise’s baby girl will be named Zoey.

Naturally LaVar Ball had a lot to say when Zo and Denise dropped the baby news on their FaceBook reality show, “Ball in the Family”

Toward the end of “Fatherly Advice,” LaVar and his wife Tina go to Lonzo and Denise Garcia’s place to discuss the logistics of parenthood. When Zo tells his dad that his girlfriend is going to give birth to a girl, the Ballfather is incredulous.

“It’s gonna be a girl? Is it?” LaVar asks. “Good luck. You know why I say good luck? That girl ain’t gonna listen to you at all. But soon as she don’t get what she wants, she’s gonna say, Dad. There’s a reason they call it Daddy’s Girl.”

On the NBA-side of things, Zo was awarded all second-team rookie honors. Zo isn’t in the running for Rookie of the Year, but dad LaVar told TMZSports none of that matters:

“Who cares? Who cares about Rookie of the Year? Who cares about Rookie of the Year? Ain’t no missed prediction. They [his three sons] all going to the NBA.”

LaVar refused to make an alternate Rookie of the Year prediction, saying: “I don’t care who Rookie of the Year is. I don’t care who’s Rookie of the Year. Rookie of the Year don’t mean nothing.”


photos via Instagram