Best Dressed Jocks Per Forbes

Forbes Magazine has announced their list of Best Dressed Athletes. Although I agree with some, I feel as if they didn’t put enough effort into the list. A lot of the list contains the same athletes that were featured on the Sports Illustrated version earlier this year. There’s got to be more right?

Here’s a few:

Tennis Stars' Serena & Venus Williams

  • Being totally honest, I don’t know about this selection. I love, love, LOVE these 2 ladies but I’m not consistently a fan of their fashion game.

Dwyane Wade

  • A good selection, he was featured on S.I.’s list. I appreciate his style, especially since he’s calmed down the preppy overload.

Tennis Star Maria Sharapova

  • I’m not sure. I don’t recall seeing a lot of her off the court. I’ll have to keep an eye out.

Futbol Phenom David Beckham

  • Co-sign X 10,000. I LOVE HIM!! ::giggles:: Another one featured before but I guess you can’t help that cream rises to the top right?

PAtriots QB Tom Brady

  • All I really think about when it comes to Tom Brady is Hair and Uggs but apparently I’m missing out. He has classic All-American Boy-next-door looks so he probably doesn’t have to try very hard.

Benegals Player Dhani Jones

  • Eh, a guy throws on a few bow ties and suddenly he’s an innovative dresser. I’m not convinced but kudos to him for parlaying the “bow ties” thing into a line. Somebody believes.

Here’s some more images of the list. I think I’ll create my own series of Jocks I think deserve a little shine for their fashion flair.

Check the entire Forbes list HERE