Bengals’ Devon Still comes to child support agreement with Leah’s mother


One of the most heart warming stories this NFL season, was the one of Cincinnati Bengals’ Devon Still’s daughter Leah battling cancer. The league, and the nation showed an outpouring of support for Still and the four-year-old.

A few months later, Leah’s mother – who was no longer with Still – hired an attorney and came out with accusations that Still wasn’t keeping up with “voluntary” child support payments.

Leah’s mother, Channing Smythe, claimed she needed the cash for living expenses, saying she couldn’t work because caring for Leah is a full-time job in itself.

But now, Channing says the two sides were able to work out their money issues, telling TMZ Sports “He is helping me out financially” noting that Devon is still playing a huge role in parenting Leah.

“I am very happy that we are working together for Leah.”

Leah is still fighting cancer. Hopefully, there will be good news on that front as well.