Basketball Wives season 4 episode 8 recap [video]

On episode 8 of Basketball Wives, we start out with Evelyn throwing a bottle at Kenya. Give Kenya credit, she didn’t flinch, didn’t seem overly concerned and when security escorted her out of the restaurant, she seemed eerily calm.

Shaunie on the other hand was in shock that a bottle flew over her head. I don’t want to hang out where it’s a possibility I’ll literally be taking alcohol to the head…You can check that scene and my thoughts here.

Suzie is not my favorite but she had a point about Jennifer and Royce’s beef. It really started with Evelyn and then the other issues (Twitter, Eric’s “movie”- wait, what happened with that?) were really byproducts of manufactured beef.


Is it wrong that I’m not interested in Evelyn’s wedding planning? We’ll get enough of that on their spinoff.


Kenya and this video… Seriously, that video is A MESS.


From the dancing- You need to BRING it. Not a modify walk through in the actual final cut. Who told her that was hot?

To the styling- I know everyone has different tastes but who exactly is she trying to appeal to?

And the song… I’m not someone who believes in shutting down a person’s dreams BUT, I really think Kenya needs some good, honest people in her corner to help guide her if she’s serious. Whose interested in this stuff? I can guarantee her iTunes sales of that single are almost non-existent.


I hope Tami finds some inner peace. Very brave to take on these issues with the cameras rolling.

As for next week, Evelyn’s assistant… I mean really, if that’s how you want your 15 minutes of fame…