Basketball Wives season 4 episode 6 recap [video]

Let’s just cut to the chase with this episode. What it boils down to (outside of the Evelyn and Jennifer drama which is what it is) in this episode is whose side are you on, Kenya or Kesha.


The thing with editing, you’re never really sure the order that things actually take place in. Kenya’s interview with the Detroit station, you have to wonder when it took place. Was Kenya close with the ladies where she could have their back without question at this point? Regardless, it was rather suspect and seeing how she laughed the entire time that Tami b****ed out Kesha and then showed the other side when they left, it’s a fairly safe assumption that it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

Ok 1. Kitten heels are NEVER the move. EVER! Ick. But moving on, Kenya straight tossed Royce under the bus. She had nothing to do with this conversation. Seemed like a diversionary tactic. But if I were Kesha, I’d avoid the chick that was arrested for stabbing her husband with a box cutter too! Kesha was really scared in that resturaunt when Tami confronted her and she was truly shook at this meet up too. Did she not watch the show previously?

I don’t know if Kenya is playing crazy for a better storyline or she’s the real deal but much like I stated about Meeka in season 3. If you’re goal is to get on this show and “build your brand” you need to have a more evolved plan than just getting into the circle.

Tami was known before she became apart of the show, people knew some of her back story. Evelyn, Royce and Jennifer are the originators, people have watched them on and off the show for four seasons now. If you want to catch lightening in a bottle for the second time, you need a little more than a faulty Beyonce alter ego.

If you missed Kenya’s interview where she shares her thoughts on the cast and the drama so far, go HERE She says Suzie better be careful at the reunion.


photos and video via VH1