Basketball Wives season 4 episode 10 recap [video]

Episode 10 of season 4’s Basketball Wives kicks back off at the race rack following Nia’s (Evelyn’s assistant) slap to Jennifer’s face. Kesha is once agan off to the side looking scared for her life. Evelyn is charging into the arms of security and everyone else is semi-shocked.

I’ve pretty much covered everything I have to say on this fight and it’s origins. As harsh as this may sound, people have different roles in each others lives. Before you go the extra mile, make sure you’re clear on where you stand and that whatever action you’re taking won’t be done out of regret. I still feel as if Nia and Evelyn OVERREACTED but we’ve dissected that to death…

The conversation between Tami and Evelyn summarizing the race track scene and reenacting Nia and Jen’s “dance” was funny, especially the fact that Tami found Jennifer’s earring. But, it also illustrates exactly why Jennifer backed away from Tami. Laughing at ME with my “enemy” but saying you really don’t have a problem with me is a not-so-white lie.

Seeing Royce hang out with Kesha and Suzie at Dave & Busters with the new boo made me sad for Royce after all the drama from last week. On the plus side though, they do look like they really enjoy each other’s company and that they had a great time. Here’s a bit of scoop for you that you probably already guessed, Royce and Dezmon have decided to work it out. We’ll see how long it lasts but if you saw the previews for next week’s show, it looks like her father prophesied that situation.


Nice Dave & Busters integration. Much better than last week’s awkward Think like a man one but, hey…


I posted photos from Evelyn’s surprise birthday back in December. Cute party and Evelyn’s body was CRAZY in that catsuit. She’s always well put together!

5 more episodes to go!