Basketball Wives Season 3 Trailer [Video]

I don’t quite know where to begin about this season 3 Basketball Wives trailer.

WOW. Let’s list the drama shall we.

– Tami is suing Evelyn because she’s producing a t-shirt line that says “You’re a non-muthaf***in factor”

– Jenn is thinking of trying online dating but is salty with Royce because she and Eric are following each other on Twitter

– Royce has a new dude

– Chad and Evelyn are trying to have twins and visiting a fertility specialist

– Meeka Claxton and Tami have words

– Royce and Evelyn exchange blows


Keep in mind, it’s just the trailer! A little over a week until Season 3 starts!! I can’t wait and of course I’ll have my recap/reactions.