Basketball Wives Season 3 Reunion Special Part 2 Recap [Video]

The third season of Basketball Wives Miami is officially in the books. I have to say, I’m happy to see it come to an end. Hopefully they’ll take a little more time putting together season 4.

To be honest, the reunion special could’ve just be an hour. An hour and a half if they HAD to extend it. Let’s check out the best moments:

Meeka needs help gathering her thoughts. Perhaps that’s been the problem all along, when she thinks she’s expressing one thing, it’s interpreted a different way. And while I understood that by saying she pops bottles in the club, not fights. That comment just seemed soooo “bird-like”. Sigh.

Over Jenn and Royce’s beef. Who knows what the actual timetable was between meeting and contact. Suzie should’ve kept her mouth closed and given Royce a chance to tell Jennifer on her own. But Suzie is obviously very concerned about securing her spot. And how fitting was it that the final scene involved Suzie spilling her guts yet again.

All jokes aside, if no one wants to film with Royce and at this point her storyline is only about her beef with Jenn (well everything in season 3 was about beef but I digress) then it might be time to move on.

As for Meeka, the fact that she said she is considering coming back speaks volumes. This situation isn’t set up for her to win. She’s swimming with sharks after she was dipped in fish blood. It’s never going to work out for her. Maybe she should try her shot with the LA cast.

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