Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 9 Sneak Peek [Video]

Basketball Wives season 3, Episode 9. The ladies have returned from Italy and Tami can’t wait to bring Royce up to speed on what took place during the trip. Meanwhile, Royce catches up with Jenn’s ex, Eric to discuss a possible film project. Susie (as usual) is the person who breaks the news to Jenn.

On the other side, Chad surprises Evelyn with a unique outing, and Jen finds chemistry on a blind date set up by Al Reynolds.

  • I really wish Tami would drop this “self defense” claim. You sucker mushed Meeka for no real reason. That whole “watch the hands” line is silly especially considering Tami is very expressive with her own hands.
  • Will we now see Jenn date similar to how we watch Evelyn date in seasons 1 and 2? I really don’t know if I’m interested in that.