Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 9: Now Eric Williams Is Throwing Drinks

Basketball Wives season 3 has been A LOT. For the episode 9 recap I’m actually going to start with the tease from episode 10.

In the teaser for next week’s finale, we see Eric Williams and his soon to be Ex-wife Jennifer meeting to discuss the divorce. Tempers flare and we’re left with a scene of Eric throwing a martini in Jennifer’s face.


  • That is sad. Jennifer looked humiliated, Eric looks like less of a man. Nobody won with that.

  • Speaking of not nice. How heartbreaking was it that Evelyn’s daughter was let down by both her dad and “stepdad” Antoine Walker on her graduation day. It’s sad when kids have to pay the price for their parents. But Sha was hilarious when she stated that third time would be the charm for Evelyn’s engagements.


Random, I hated Royce’s “product shot” of her book when she went to go see Eric.Hilarious that they felt the need to had subtitles for Eric.

  • Susie again is the go between. Her check has to be based on how much information she passes each episode. It’s got to be all about the money otherwise…

But back to Royce, I agree that the respectful thing to do was to let Jenn know she was taking a meeting with Eric. Also, Royce would like you to know that she did graduate from college with a degree in Theatre Education. She tweeted her diploma.

I rarely agree with Susie but she has very valid points on Eric and this “movie”. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out next week.