Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: Tami & Meeka’s Altercation [Video]

I don’t apologize for loving Basketball Wives. It is truly my guilty pleasure however, after tonight’s episode…le sigh. I don’t know. Reality Tv is entertainment but there are times when it’s simply too much and the actions are overkill. That’s how I feel about the altercation between Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton on episode 8. Check the scene:

Tami was dead wrong and I don’t blame Meeka for filing a civil suit against her. Meeka has been annoying but nothing she’s done warranted Tami’s reaction. Ironically, this entire episode was the most likable Meeka has been the whole series. Perhaps if she would’ve just been this person from the start it never would’ve evolved to this. I still can’t cosign punching someone in the face like that. I understand the drama is “ratings gold” but, there’s something to be said for resolving issues without violence.

Oh side note, why they tell Suzie anything is beyond me. She refuses to not be in the middle of drama. Oh well