Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 4 Recap [Video]

On episode 4 of Basketball Wives, we find Jen’s curiosity being piqued when Eric wants to meet up with Suzie. More Evelyn and Royce debates on who “maintains a better garden.” Suzie and Royce seemed to have morphed roles this season and Tami is back to pop off at Meeka at the polo match.

Let’s start with the scene between Suzie and Meeka, discussing the “drama”. It had my head spinning. Those two don’t take a breath. I don’t even think they actually had a conversation. The common traits they share seem to be parched behavior and not knowing when to be quiet.

Oh Suzie, now those rumors last month about you leaving the show AGAIN for good are starting to make sense. Yes, Royce probably should leave you with your choice to re-enter “the circle” but how can Suzie not see that she is walking herself right back into trouble. Simply because she doesn’t realize when to STOP talking. Sigh… Her encounter with Eric however, was HILARITY!!


Eric really seems to be enjoying his "Basketball Wives buzz"

Eric is a funny guy! “5 females who are smart and rob guys” as a film premise and he’d like to feature two of Basketball Wives cast members (Royce and Suzie)… funny.

Now onto the best part, the Polo match. Meeka, where do we begin. Why is she so pressed to be in “The Circle”? It’s episode 4, by now I should have some idea as to who you are and what your real goals were for appearing on this show. The fact that I keep returning to the same point… Anyway, Meeka was clearly seeking out a way to either A. Impress Evelyn and Jen by picking a fight with Tami or B. Seek out more camera time.

I sincerely hope that it was B and she accomplished her goal. How clear is it that they aren’t feeling you like that Meeka? It was almost as if she thought they would jump in and support her. Sad…That’s why it Jenn and Evelyn looked so disconnected in these photos after the fight.

Congratulations are in order to Ashley, she and Rafer are engaged!