Basketball Wives Season 3, Episode 3 Recap [Video]

Basketball Wives episode 3 has Meeka on a quest to figure out “who told Tami” that she, (Meeka) wasn’t feeling Royce. We get to meet Royce’s new boyfriend (in the looks department, SERIOUS UPGRADE) as well as a trip to the fertility clinic with Chad and Evelyn and of course, THE FIGHT.

  • I tried with Chad and Evelyn. I can’t anymore. Fertility clinic but no wedding plans? Come ON!!! They don’t even sparkle on screen together. I see why there isn’t a confirmed spinoff yet. Evelyn said Chad was joking about not knowing she was 35. I couldn’t really tell.

Here’s something I’m confused about, maybe you conspiracy theorist can clear it up for me. If Chad and Evelyn’s relationship is fake, was the sex on the first night real? :giggle: I’m just asking

  • Royce’s new boyfriend is a cutie. The dog thing was sweet, (predictable but cute all the same) I think she should REALLY take her dad’s advice, to SLOW DOWN for several reasons but two big ones leaped out via Twitter (what else! I told you, Twitter is an important character for plot advancement.) Ok first up, new boo’s twitter bio:

President/CEO AND Founder. mmmkay. If the warning signs with that aren’t jumping out at you…

Second, from the looks of it, “new boo” has some baby’s mama drama of his own. A Twitter exchange with Brian’s alleged pregnant, ex fiance (@KamillionEyez2 months ago.

Yikes! Hey, ladies thinking that being the baby’s mother of an athlete is “the life”, remember what Royce said about how lonely she is in her big house that she has to clean up by herself. (why not just get a maid or am I thinking too much? Anyway)

Also, random sidenote, Royce’s “friends” at the pool party. Were they in swim suits or their underwear and what’s up with the red weaved one’s implants? Just questions. Moving on

Suzie laying peacemaker. eh whatever. I do think Royce misses Jenn’s friendship but clearly Jenn’s alliance is with Eve. I’m wondering if the fact that Royce and Jenn bonded somewhat at some point is why Jenn feels a certain type of way about Royce and Eric communicating on Twitter?

But let’s get to what you REALLY want to discuss, Evelyn and Royce’s altercation:

Royce flew at Evelyn like a spider monkey after Evelyn threw the drink. Are we already back to the drink throwing? My issue with this is, at this point what is a physical confrontation going to change? “you’re a ho”, “you’re a bum”… ok now what?

In conclusion, I’m pretty bored with the meet up and talk. They might have been better served putting a little more time between seasons but I guess the ratings and wanting to get the L.A franchise show out there forced their hand.

I know the set up from the producers often times is “hey ask them about person or situation X ” but they need something else to surround these convos because it’s getting painful. Having said that, I’ll still be tuned in.