Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 2 Recap [Video]

"Don't do the hand. The Hand can get you popped"

What is it about “The Circle” (is it really just a triangle, unholy trinity?) that makes chicks like Suzie and Meeka put their pride and overall commonsense to the side?

In episode 2 of season 3, the theme seems to be how hard are you willing to go for friends. Susie wants back in the circle (which has Royce questioning her sanity) and Meeka wants to be down with ANYBODY (which is probably going to leave her on the outside looking in at both “The Circle” and “The other side”)

Let’s start with Suzie. While I can appreciate “wanting peace” and obviously, they needed participants and a storyline for season 3, I just CAN’T with Suzie. Just because she seems so weak and spineless. Royce seems more concerned that she’s possibly losing an ally to “the circle” but I understand her warning words to Suzie.




I mean whatever…

Sooooooo did the producers just say screw it and make up a fake dating site? What ARE these photos??



And honestly, I’d rather see Jenn meet someone organically, I don’t know, maybe I’m over her too.


Meeka… UGH I hope she has a purpose besides trying to make herself relevant to these women.


Maybe it’ll be better next week…