Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Are you ready for Season 3 of Basketball Wives? I am!! Let’s get right into the recap:

With Royce at odds with Evelyn and Jen and Tami bent on preventing Evelyn from profiting off the hurtful phrase that launched their season-ending brawl, is it too late to make amends? Also, a new addition to the circle of BBW sets off alarm bells. Does this newbie know what she is getting into?

Tami looked amazing. I knew she had it in her!! But, I must point something out. Tami is super upset with Evelyn about this “t-shirt line” but 2 months ago she had her own t-shirt line planned with her “catch phrase” to Jennifer, “Bougie B**ch”. What’s the difference?

Remember how, during the epic food stamps battle, Tami said of Jennifer, “Bourgie bitch. I’m gonna get some f***in’ T-shirts made that say, ‘Bourgie-ass Bitch’”? Well, she did. (We forgive her for the typo, right?)

Was it ok when Tami had plans on making a Boogie (spelled all wrong I might add, “Booie” is a real live word that has no connection to what she’s pushing) t-shirt line. What happened to that? Look, Evelyn’s catch phrase was a little hotter and a little funnier.

Did you peep Tami’s shirt when she went to visit Evelyn at Dulce with the notice of her planned lawsuit?

“It wasn’t not funny.”  Isn’t that the same thing? What happened to that David guy?




Oh, check out Tami’s Tweet during Basketball Wives, Tami is a vet, she’s smart. This has all got to be strategy, right?

I’m sorry, I can’t with the Meeka Claxton chick. Does she not understand she’s been cast on the show? Just relax. Why is she so pressed? Ready to insert herself in the middle of their mess. That’s off to me. She’s watched seasons 1 and 2. She knows all the back story. Shaunie recently said in an interview that Meeka vigorously pursued a spot on the show.

“Meeka was very persistent. She reached out to us regularly, emailing her credentials, pictures, really letting us know why she belonged on the show.”

Meeka’s husband Speedy Claxton played for: 76ers (2000-02), Spurs (02-03), Warriors (03-05), Hornets (05-06), Hawks (06-09), Warriors (09-10).

Royce is feeling herself, she is embracing the new her. But wait, her two dancer friend’s weaves. Just no. I’m not sure if I’m feeling this new Royce. We’ll see but her conversation with Tami where she said that Evelyn “Like you said, she’s a jump-off, I’m just gonna say she’s a ho…She got a whole garden. Just hoin’,” THAT was rather funny.

Susie’s back…

Isn’t it interesting how Twitter has become a Co-Star every season?

and can somebody tell Daune Neufield from Football Wives to stop whining about what VH1 didn’t do for that show via Twitter. The chemistry just wasn’t there…

If you need to catch up on season 2, I am here to help.