Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion Special Part 2 Sneak Peek

Did you watch part 1 yesterday? It was GREAT! My recap of both will be up tomorrow but in the meantime, check out the sneak peek at part 2:

Jen addresses the the leak of the nude photos and Royce’s commentary on why she feels Jenn leaked “those” pics:

man, and don’t forget Gloria, Susie and Ashley are also making their appearance on part 2. And why is everyone always telling Jenn not to speak? I’m going to ask that Jenn put at least one of these ladies in check about the lack of respect they show her when she speaks.

interesting to note, where as at last year’s reunion all the ladies were “unified” this year it seems that most kept to themselves before the start of the show. Guess it’s not just marriages that the strain of reality TV imposes it’s will on.