Basketball Wives Season 2 Episode 9 sneak peek

Jen's dress is Everything!

“All the B****es in this Circle are messy” – Tami

I purposely did not recap last week’s episode of Basketball Wives as I wanted to tie the entire trip together. Maybe I should have shared that with class sooner though.

Anyway, Here’s your sneak peek at episode 9 where we continue in Madrid. With the backdrop of Spain and wine pouring nonstop,we see lots of interesting dynamics at work in the upcoming episode.

Shaunie going in on Royce, Tami ready to pounce on Suzie, more real emotions from Jenn and a poor little cooked piglet on display EEK. As usual, CAN’T WAIT!!!

I will say this, it’s apparent that Tami really sees herself in pieces of Evelyn… or really wants to be her friend. :shrug: it’s something. But her line that Evelyn was “F***ing for handbags” EPIC!!!!