Basketball Wives Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

After the fireworks of the past few weeks (and the explosion that’s headed our way next week), let’s refer to this episode as the softer side of The Circle:

  • You already know I’m pom poming for Chad and Evelyn. I adored the gift he sent her and their skype date was too cute.

Ok, next topic

  • Eve’s daughter is beautiful. I loved their conversation and I’m so not mad at her grilling the boyfriend. Mom’s have to be involved. Despite what many have to say about her, it’s obvious that she’s raised an intelligent young lady.

  • Gloria for the last time. Matt wasn’t traded, he signed as a free agent. there’s a difference! Sorry that’s been bugging me. Moving on.
  • The scene when they’re discussing the “incident” is weird. I can’t really put my finger on what’s off but…

  • Why are they worried about what “The Circle” will think about the incident anyway. Didn’t Gloria say that worrying about what other people thought caused them to rush the wedding? They clearly didn’t learn from that experience.
  • To add to that, for a man that isn’t comfortable calling women Bit**es, the word certainly seems to slip off his tongue with ease.  Ironically enough, when Susie visits Gloria and she’s explaining what happened with the alleged “domestic issue” she says at one point Matt was probably calling her a B**ch in his head. Guess it’s not as hard to utter that as he made it out to be. :shrug:

  • Of course Susie knows what the cops do in domestic situations in California. She had her own issues for stalking her ex when he was with the Clippers
  • Their house is lovely by the way.
  • Random thought, I’m excited about Eve’s earring line and Jen’s lip gloss line. They’re both stylish so I think whatever they release will reflect that.
I agree with Susie not being invited to Madrid. The idea was to keep the drama down and make sure all the ladies were comfortable… But we all know that would NOT have been as exciting.
  • See why Susie was better off at home.  :giggles:
  • Tami with her beer while the other ladies have champagne and patron was funny and telling. Can’t wait to see what happens in Madrid!!

Also, because a lot of time is spent addressing how these women AREN’T wives etc., take a look at this bonus clip of Kim and Bryon celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary. Bryon was extremely romantic!

I LOVE Love!!