Basketball Wives Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

I would've faked an emergency too Evelyn

So I gotta ask, does the fact that we know Evelyn is engaged to Ocho Cinco make her little dating experiences on the show irrelevant? I guess now the little tidbit over the summer about her being seen on a date with a mystery man makes sense.

Not mad at her outing with trainer Mike though. It’s ok Evelyn, liking them younger is no crime! 😉

Do we care about Tami and Evelyn’s brunch date? Eh not really…

Let’s get to the good stuff:

This guy Eric Williams is about to flip this whole game up on “The Circle”. He’s on twitter now (@OC2000), he’s called out Eve on last night’s episode. He’s not pulling punches!

But, Eric does seem hurt. He mentioned about being at home while Jen is hanging out. AHHHH the twist. When you were out doing you, it was cool huh E. Now you’re ready to settle and it’s you sitting at home wondering. A bit caught up in your feelings huh?

– Jen I understand hurt and anger but at certain point if you choose to remain in a situation, you have to move on and let it go if you want it to work or cut your losses. In between on that topic leads to misery. Which is clearly the point that Jen & Eric our at. But it was pretty funny when he said “There’s cobwebs down there 100 percent. Maybe not. What I’m supposed to be doing, waiting around.” a year plus is a long time not to give or get any ummmm “connecting feelings” with your significant other.

– I think Jen’s lipgloss line is a good idea, people complain that the ladies don’t do anything but then when they do they still aren’t happy with their choices. Ashley has a lip gloss also that benefits her charity.

I don’t understand how Royce felt that she could have kept the peace between Evelyn and Suzie at her event. They’ve clowned Suzie every chance they’ve had. Come on, they’ve even just shown up in order to mess with her. Royce couldn’t control Evelyn at the dinner with Dewayne. How can she control them at a charity event she’s HOSTING and PERFORMING at? They’ve already showed that no event is sacred, let it go Royce.

Ummmm NO to Royce’s shoes with the sexy outfit, actually just NO to the entire ensemble. It didn’t work. Royce tweeted she didn’t feel comfortable with it. Ok so WHY wear it? Who but a porn star REALLY feels comfortable setting the scene for seduction in front of cameras to air on cable TV.

AND I hate to mention it again, but something about Royce’s new boyfriend disturbs me. It just doesn’t feel authentic. But we’ll see.

But, I did like her with the ponytail in the confessional scenes.  She should go with that.

There’s an actual married couple in the show, with Byron & Kimberli Russel who were featured in this episode. Now all those that were complaining about the title of the show,  are you interested in seeing more of them?

Next week’s episode brings us more Gloria. She’s always fun!