Basketball Wives Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 finds “The Circle” dealing with “the food stamp” discussion… again, another charity event (ahh the life of a budding socialite), plastic surgery and Eric Williams. Let’s dig in

We briefly covered the pool side meet and greet. Side, these ladies have more “meetings” about nothing. Maybe we should just refer to them as gatherings. But let me “focus”. Royce’s new Boo. I sort of agree with Evelyn and Jen. There’s something about him I can’t get with.  Granted we only see glimpses of him but, he better be with Royce for the RIGHT reasons.

Ummm those clothes for Royce and Dwayne’s charity fashion event

ICK!! I wouldn’t have done it either!

But waiting until the day of the event to let Royce know was in poor taste. Their meeting label when Royce label them “Mean and Evil” might have been a bit much but she was hurt (although the fact that she again thought these ladies were her actual “friends” is puzzling to me, Suzie included because she didn’t show up either but whatever)

Meanwhile, Tami was yet again taking to the airwaves to show what we women are sometimes willing to go through in an effort to “keep it tight” As always, I respect her honesty and BRAVERY, she showed it ALL!!

WOW at that procedure. That’s moxy!!

Best of all, I gained a whole level of respect for Jen in this episode. 1st  because she went to visit Tami after the procedure. She could’ve waited until one of the “meetings” to squash the beef but bringing flowers after Tami went through surgery ALONE was a classy move.

My 2nd moment of admiration for Jen of course concerns a few moments with Eric. During their therapy session, Eric made the following statement

“Men need to express their needs physically. If that’s what I had to do, that’s what I had to do”

That was only one of the zingers he gave. I appreciate that he always gives the truth, unfiltered but WOW!! Jen still wants to be friends and he wants to completely cut her off. LET GO Jen. He’s not interested, maybe one day but not now!! (I’m happy to see in next week’s episode she flips on him. Probably to little to late but she has it in her!!