Basketball Wives Season 2 Episode 3 recap

When last we left “The Circle”, our favorite mean girls were descending into Orlando for a group Pow wow with Gloria and Suzie. Remember our keyword from episode 2 was MESSY. Please believe that we will absolutely continue with that theme in Episode 3…

Did you see the look of panic that swept across Gloria and Suzie’s face when “the circle” walked in? But let’s give it up to Gloria, she has a quick recovery and always manages to handle herself well. Agree with her or not, she stands her ground. Even when her words come back to bite her in the butt. And let’s be clear, they absolutely did!

Shaunie was being High school here (she even said it), everything she said while true, really shouldn’t matter to “The Circle” because the proof is in the outcome. (to be fair, the ladies have indicated that this was less about the wedding and more about the personal blows Gloria was making in interviews)

Gloria telling Jen not to speak, I DIE!! However, Jen should watch her words. The statement she threw at Gloria applied to Shaunie’s situation at one point also (having kids out of wedlock).  Plus considering Jen’s situation with Eric… but that’s not the topic at hand. Well not yet anyway.

What type of friend is Suzie to leave Gloria sitting there? You don’t leave your girl. “reality TV, set up or not”. Even on reality shows, things can escalate and become “REAL” quickly.  Maybe it was editing.

How cute were the editors to have Jennifer question what Gloria was going to do with her wedding dress then the next scene cuts to Eve going to see hers. Make it a freak em dress. Sounds fun.

I appreciate that Shaunie and Shaq make an effort to leave their kids out of the BS and didn’t “unblend” their family just because of divorce. Shaunie’s son from her prior marriage was right there with Shaq and Shaunie’s kids. Even in the midst of BS the kids still come first. That’s admirable and says a lot about the character of those 2.

On the love front:

Again, I’m happy Royce has found love but I’m not too interested. But YAY for love.

Suzie and her new boo. Eh he’s attractive though. Guess everyone is making the switch to the NFL variety??

The brief clip of Matt Barnes and Gloria discussing their situation was interesting. Matt quoted a line from Baby Boy, one of my favorite scenes from that movie (it’s a hood classic). When he said “I Love you girl, you got my kids…” I understand he was just making a joke. I don’t know that their reason in postponing the wedding was anything OTHER than what Gloria has said but that particular line IF summing up his feelings says A LOT. But she’s still with him so as long as she’s happy. :shrug:

Every time they show Jen in relation to Eric, my heart aches for her. I can’t imagine the man that I love playing me so nonchalantly.

He said he hasn’t worn his ring in 2 YEARS.  His teeth make it difficult to make out what he’s saying but, he’s clearly over it. I guess they just fell out of love. It happens. But damn he’s ready to move on. He said they’ve been having the separation conversation for a year and a half so the show; while probably not helping, didn’t cause the rift to get to this point. Cut your losses mama, you’re to fly for that.

And lastly, I think Royce was wrong for extending the invite to Suzie. Dwayne and Suzie have already met so WHY did she NEED to be there? This time, Royce didn’t find as much humor in the confrontation. Maybe because her man gets to see first hand that while these women aren’t really Royce’s “friends” she does like to dabble in the dirt with them on occasion.

But this is why we watch yes? And there’s still 7 more episodes to go!