Basketball Wives Season 2: Episode 1 Recap

It is OFFICIALLY HERE!! Season 2 of Basketball Wives. I love this show, I love the ladies.  Lots of fashion and drama. Who doesn’t love that!! Here’s a look at my episode 1 recap.

  • I’m glad Shaunie is taking an active role in the show. Still love her business moxy!
  • Royce is so cute, I’m happy she’s in a relationship. She’s glowing. She deserves it.
  • I hope Jennifer finds the happiness she’s seeking either with or without Eric. It’s a difficult decision to make.
  • Gloria IS  back. Can’t wait. I have an interview with her that I’ll be posting soon

  • I thought Susie was a snake during the 1st season, I’m not surprised that she and Evelyn have fallen out. Something about the situation with Vanessa always seemed odd to me. But she did apologize as a woman to Evelyn. :shrug: but I am nosey, I wanna know what happened in Vegas. LMAO

  • I AM TEAM TAMI! I LOVE the other ladies but I’ve been rocking with Tami forever. 🙂 the scene with Tami, her Ex, Kenny Anderson and their kids was very raw and something I think will resonate with a lot of people on several levels
  • Also, I’m with Tami, thumbs up to Eve’s Boobies real or fake they look great!

Backstabbing, Betrayal, Shade and hot shoes. Looks like all the Ex wives are reporting in (Al included. WHAT??? like you weren’t thinking it too.)

This is my guilty pleasure. ::giggles::  And yes,  my sneak peeks and weekly recaps are back.  It’s an hour this season OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW