Basketball Wives Reunion Show Fashion Recap [Photos]

Outside of the drama, what’s the other reason why we watch Basketball Wives? The fashion of course! Check out the ladies head to toe looks from the reunion show. For most, Herve Leger and Louboutins were the designers of choice (You know that’s part of the basketball wife “kit”) Shaunie opted to rock a colorblock little number by designer Nicci Hou.

I love the color of Jen’s look and I mentioned I thought Evelyn looked great. I do sometimes wish the ladies would venture out of their comfort zone and open up to different designers but, it works for them.

Random note, Shaunie has been giving interviews indicating that Meeka won’t be back and Royce probably won’t either. But we heard the same thing prior to season 3 (except Suzie was the other cast mate with Royce) we’ll see how it all plays out.


photos via VH1 Blog