Basketball Wives LA star Draya to get her own VH1 show?


“Basketball Wives LA” was pretty dull in its second season. And if the rumors are true, VH1 agrees with that assessment. Although the show hasn’t been officially canceled, it appears that not only is it on it’s way to reality TV heaven but that its replacement will feature the show’s breakout star, Draya.

If you follow Draya on Twitter and Instagram, you’ve noticed that she has a movement with her budding t-shirt and beanie line, “Fine A$$ Girls” that she and her friends promote relentlessly. She’s started a movement and it seems girls are eager to get in board. Reportedly VH1 and Draya are in talks for a reality show about the former stripper and her group of “Fine A$$ Girls.” A show that will follow them as they party, date and work on their brands. If you subscribe to the “groupie” whispers about Draya, then you know that this is the show viewers are interested in seeing. Pretty girls who are dressed cute, partying and plotting.

Think of it this way, Draya has 1.1 million followers on Instagram. No one on her BBW LA cast comes close to that. Even Evelyn Lozada only has 800,000. Draya is selling a lifestyle. Tons of girls seems to be buying it, will viewers?