Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Reunion Teaser: Where’s Draya? [Video]


Are you ready for the reunion show for season 3 of Basketball Wives LA? First, let me drop a spolier on you, Draya opted not to do the reunion in person. Instead she had a one-on-one with Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal – how very “Love & Hip-Hop”/Mona Scott-Young of them – where she addressed her beefs with Sundy and Jackie.

Check out the preview:



“Jackie brought this fester, this disease of a person to us to do her dirty work for her. And she did it better than Jackie,” Draya says.

Sundy responds saying, “You wanna get your hands dirty and hide ‘em, I don’t. I’m very upfront. So if you wanna call me the villain, call me the villain. I’ll be the villain all day.”

Sundy did apologize for involving Draya’s son. But she still didn’t say anything that Draya has personally done to her. Were one of those men she allegedly had sex with her boo? If not, what is the real problem? Because it seems to be manufactured for camera time or jealousy…

Will you be tuned in on Monday for the reunion?