Basketball Wives LA season 3 episode 3: Did Orlando cheat with Jackie’s daughter [video]

We’re on episode 3 of Basketball Wives LA season 3. In this episode, Draya shares her concerns about her boyfriend, Cowboys Orland Scandrick possibly cheating on her in the future. She actually appears horrified at the thought. That was interesting to me, considering the number of athletes that Draya has been involved with and the fact that some of them were attached at the time, why would she think that she was excluded from the cheating train…

Meanwhile, Malaysia and Brandi – whose husbands are both still active in the NBA – admitted that they’ve been cheated on during the course of their relationships.

Check out the video highlights via VH1:


Draya is “in love” with Orlando. They celebrate their six month anniversary while the cameras were rolling. Orlando breaks out a little box with a gift. No, not a ring, earrings.

Jackie’s daughter Chantel tells Jackie she hung out with Orlando at his house in the Hollywood Hills – the same spot he and Draya live in.

Orlando doesn’t seem ready for what Draya says she’s after.

How messy was this reveal to Draya though. I understand inviting Malaysia. I know Sundy was invited for the “drama” factor, but WHY does someone who clearly doesn’t like me need to be invited to a lunch where I’ll end up hurt and/or embarrassed.