Basketball Wives LA season 2 episode 5 recap [video]

OK, Jackie and Doug getting married again. I’m over it. Jackie wanting Gloria to be her maid of honor, WEIRD. Why does Jackie not get that these are just her castmates and not her friends? Maybe Jackie is just SUPER savvy and knows she needs to plot points to move the storyline along and keeps her involved because sometimes…

AWKWARD… Doug really, REALLY enjoyed that…

The tension between Gloria and Laura is interesting. Obviously Laura was reconciling with Glibert while Gloria was exploring being single in LA. Her comments about befriending people she never would have otherwise are curious. Obviously the ladies are keeping the bigger details close but, I wonder if it has anything to do with the allegation that Jackie dropped during the season 1 reunion. It would also explain why Gloria was the harder nut to crack as far as Jackie coming back into the friendship circle.


Wasn’t it strange for Bambi to say Brooke caught feelings for HER boyfriend? I mean, isn’t that what’s supposed to happen with your boyfriend in a relationship? I don’t care about this beef.

Draya was clearly TWISTED in this scene. I guess that was just to set up the main event. The Jackie-Draya showdown!

Listen, Jackie plays Draya every time.  Why is she letting her get her riled up. Plus, Jackie is a heavy weight Draya is a feather weight she should stop playing. Oh well, gives us something to look forward to next week.