Basketball Wives LA season 2 , episode 4 recap [video]


If season one of Basketball Wives LA was the Draya show, season two is absolutely all about Jackie. It’s hard to tell if Jackie is really this hard up for friends or if she’s merely a pawn in moving plot points along.

I already gave you the general bits and pieces of the episode in my sneak peek, you can check that HERE


But let’s dig into episode 4.

Jackie is obviously trying to drum up some real support within the circle. Since Brooke is essentially a neutral party at this point, it makes sense for her to attempt to join forces with Brooke. They are closer in age (that’s not a shot, just reality) and both have older kids than the rest. They could possibly develop a genuine friendship but, we’ll see.


I don’t know. It’s always interesting to me watching THIS Jackie as opposed to Doug’s playing days Jackie. I see the same attributes but she seems to be more open to women that she previously might not have been ok being in her mix. Growth perhaps.

This whole Bambi and Brooke beef. I guess it has the potential to be interesting but they’re stringing it out for so long with no real discovery or anything “interesting” it’s starting to feel stale.  Maybe I’m reading it wrong…


This Jackie and Draya beef… I guess it’s setting it up for the physical altercation next week. I’m having a hard time believing that Draya is really mad that Jackie called Gloria? This storyline is strictly for entertainment purposes right? If they all think Jackie is crazy, why are they surprised when she does something crazy?



Side note, Get ALLLLL the way into Jackie Christie’s photo shoot!

Video and photos via VH1