Basketball Wives LA season 2 episode 3 recap [video]

Episode 3 of Season 2 of “Basketball Wives LA” was pretty much all about Jackie… again. But first up, Malaysia and Brooke meet up and have the “Bambi” conversation.

I wonder if the producers knew in advance that Bambi and Brooke had beef? I don’t know that I care about this storyline yet BUT, it’s better than the tired Jackie stuff. We’ll see. But in most cases, “I’ve heard of her” = beef over a man… Oh, I’m skipping over Brooke’s dinner with her Boo Vernon because, there’s nothing to see there… unless he’s the guy… but so far I don’t think he is.

Jackie and her “gay wedding” theme for number 17… I’m not here for this. I don’t care but, you might…


My favorite part of this episode came when Draya gave Gloria a few stripper tips.

WORK DRAYA!!! Now that’s entertainment! I think Draya should teach pole dancing classes instead of doing tired party hosting. But Draya flirting with Gloria… I mean, I guess.


More covert Jackie trapping operations. This time Draya ventures out to find out… NOTHING. They know who Jackie is. They know she’s not going to change. But there was some entertainment in this scene.

Ok,that tattoo was SOOOOO weak. Man, somebody should’ve told her and the artist should’ve been embarrassed.

However, did you catch Jackie tell Draya she’s had some “experiences” and if she wasn’t with Doug she’d be “in the streets”?? OMG hilarity. I believe Jackie too. Last season there were moments where it felt like Jackie was giving Draya “the look.” I am not surprised and can’t believe Draya didn’t pick up on that.


Next week, we’re off to Jackie’s pool party to see how the ladies react when they’re on her turf. :shrug: I’m searching for a reason as to why I should care about this…


videos and photos via VH1