Basketball Wives LA season 2 episode 1 recap [video]

Let’s just get this out of the way. The first episode of Basketball Wives LA season 2 was DULL. But we are smart enough to recognize that the goal is simply to remind us where we were (as if the marathons and blogs haven’t handled that task) and set things up to move forward.

To sum this episode up in three sentences. Jackie’s back and Malaysia paves the way for the set up. Meet Brooke Bailey. And lastly, why haven’t Gloria and Laura Govan been speaking since last year? The last one actually offering the most intrigue for the moment.

But, Jackie Christie is ALWAYS entertaining and her scenes usually have at least a few comments that are giggle worthy. Check out the scene by Jackie’s pool with her “friend” Sundy – quotes because I absolutely think she was cast for the role of Jackie’s friend.

Oh random but related sidenote, Sundy is an ex-video vixen too who just happens to have a child by former NBA player, Larry Hughes. Not sure if that’s relevant to the storyline but it’s my job to keep you informed.


Sundy sort of favors former cast member Imani in this scene. Next up, we meet Brooke. If you recall, Brooke was one of the vixens featured on the E! reality show, Candy Girls. At one point on that show, she mentioned how she doesn’t date rappers… Athletes however are ok.



Pretty lady and her body is NICE! That’s always plus. Don’t think her “friendship” with Draya will last too long. Go HERE for that scoop.


And lastly, Jackie “shows up” at Gloria’s cookbook tasting party.



Final note as we wait for the excitement to pick up in episode 2, Malaysia, Brooke and Draya’s weaves were EVERYTHING! I adore seeing a well maintained weave with great quality hair! Owwwwww


videos and photos via VH1